mikeMy name is Mike Papesch.  I am an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon working in London/Essex.  I offer general care for ear, nose and throat conditions.  These conditions include children’s problems such as ear infections, hearing trouble and tonsillitis.  I also look after adults with all the various ENT problems including hearing trouble, tinnitus and balance disorders, sinus and other nasal problems, snoring and throat problems.  I have particular interest and expertise in several areas of ENT, including cancer of the head and neck, neck lumps/bumps and enlarged lymph nodes, throat lumps and cancers, thyroid gland problems, parotid and salivary gland problems, skin lumps and bumps on the face, head and neck, snoring and ear, nose and throat conditions in HIV.

I work in the NHS at Whipps Cross University Hospital.  I work privately at Spire Roding Hospital, Holly Private Hospital and Highgate Private Hospital.

My training was undertaken in New Zealand.  I completed my medical degree in 1986 in New Zealand.  I completed my training in surgery in 1995 in New Zealand.  From then on I worked in the UK in registrar posts until I was appointed as a Consultant at Whipps Cross University Hospital in 2000.  I have written book chapters on HIV in ENT as well as ENT Problems in Pregnancy.  I have also written several other papers/articles which include articles on HIV, hyperbaric medicine and glandular fever.  I have run a course on Oral Medicine for ENT Surgeons, as well as training courses for GPs and doctors in ENT.